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Two paintings to be donated for fundraiser auctions.

Two of these will soon be on display at b. resale.

I started this painting of a panel from Bantam last summer, got bored with it for a while, and finally finished it a couple days ago.

There is this really weird tree a couple miles from my house. It became the subject of some surreal landscapes. This is what it really looks like.

Here is a detail of a watercolor I just finished. I’ll post the whole thing at a later date.

My three-year-old landed a commission. My sister’s boyfriend asked her for a painting and he even offered to pay her. No one in my family ever asks ME to paint anything for them! I’m so jealous. 😉
She made these two 8×10 panels–one for my sister and one for the boyfriend. She’s charging them 100 pennies each.


My kid made this painting of “a turtle getting poked by a shark.” I like it.