Here’s a story AZ made. It’s supposed to be by a hadpanagus named Hadpanagas. This is the sort of thing literate hadpanaguses like to read.







Blue Hadpanagus has 4 legs, and he wears 5 butts on his tail.

I painted this while I was working on some art for Crowded Comics, a fun new site that lets users write their own captions for editorial cartoons.

Today I learned two important facts about Hadpanaguses. They have ears. A little pointy, but not too pointy. And they even hunt each other’s butts!

Here’s AZ’s version of the same scene. Hers is a vast improvement, because her Hadpanagus is walking on a carpet of butts! And there’s a Hadpanagus band playing a tuba, a trumpet, and drums!

A quick and loose watercolor sketch.

Page 1
Page 2

Here is the link to page 1, in case you missed it.

A short comic inspired by Alphabeasts! (And especially AZ’s creations.) There will be 3 pages of this, but I might not be able to post the next two until after Christmas, because something else has come up that will require my immediate attention.