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Detail from today’s Lolly page:


Details from new Lolly page. Click to see the whole thing.



Here’s a detail of page 30. Click to see the whole thing.


Detail from today’s new Lolly Poppet page:


It’s page 20 of the Lolly comic! Crumble Puppy marks the occasion by doing something stupid!

Detail (click to see the whole page):


I’m also working on another project: Cartozia Tales! It’s an all-ages fantasy anthology set in a collaboratively-created world with settings, concepts and stories by regular contributors Isaac Cates, Shawn Cheng, Lucy Bellwood, Sarah Becan, Jen Vaughn, Tom Motley, Mike Wenthe and myself. Each issue will also feature a couple guest stars, such as Dylan Horrocks (issue #1), Jon Lewis (issue #1), James Kochalka (issue #2) and Adam Koford (issue #2).

You can get 10 issues (dozens of stories!) delivered to your mailbox over the next year by subscribing to Cartozia at our BigCartel storefront.


Here’s a detail of a Crumble Puppy comic AZ made. See the whole thing (along with the comic I made for today) at the Lolly Poppet website.