Detail of a Cartozia poster I’ve been working on. You can read stories about phibbits and lots of other interesting critters if you subscribe via the Cartozia website.



I posted page 24 of the Lolly comic a couple days ago. Here’s a detail. Click the image to see the whole page.


The Cartozia Tales Kickstarter campaign is coming into its home stretch. New rewards have been added, so take another look at the options and make a pledge this week.


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art by Brittney Sabo

AZ is drawing lots of cool creatures, and writing her own stories set in Cartozia. Her description of this creature incorporates details from the map and from “The Treasure of Whistlepig Woods” by Jon Lewis (issue 1).


Here’s what she said about Vogslaveh:

“The Vogslaveh is a creature of Cartozia that lives in a cave (always), and whenever he moves into one, he makes sure to find a great sofa. (They love sofas.) And they always have parties…parties…these big Cartozian parties with a bunch of Cartozian food and…um…and they have these captured Dang Beetles that got captured in a big net and are let out at the party to clean everything up. When they don’t have parties, they sometimes sleep, and sometimes go out to gather stories. They mostly go to Thurim’s Gate and the Observatory.”

Vogslaveh sounds a lot like a college student.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign for 10 issues of Cartozia–as of now, we are about 24% funded!

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The Kickstarter campaign for Cartozia Tales starts tomorrow, which means TODAY is your last chance to take advantage of the lower subscription rates. I just got my copies of issue #1 last week, and THEY LOOK FABULOUS. See?


This is an all-ages fantasy series unlike anything else currently being produced. It is set in a world shared by a group of contributors, each working in a different sector of a shared map. Read about our process here. The map is populated by strange places and many strange creatures invented by the contributors.

Here’s a sketch of some amphibious Cartozian creatures called Phibbits:


The best part? Cartozia encourages your kids to be creative. In issue #1, kids are asked to draw their own creature in a blank panel (this proved to keep AZ busy for at least an hour after she finished reading). A later issue will feature paper dolls designed by Lucy Bellwood!

It’s page 20 of the Lolly comic! Crumble Puppy marks the occasion by doing something stupid!

Detail (click to see the whole page):


I’m also working on another project: Cartozia Tales! It’s an all-ages fantasy anthology set in a collaboratively-created world with settings, concepts and stories by regular contributors Isaac Cates, Shawn Cheng, Lucy Bellwood, Sarah Becan, Jen Vaughn, Tom Motley, Mike Wenthe and myself. Each issue will also feature a couple guest stars, such as Dylan Horrocks (issue #1), Jon Lewis (issue #1), James Kochalka (issue #2) and Adam Koford (issue #2).

You can get 10 issues (dozens of stories!) delivered to your mailbox over the next year by subscribing to Cartozia at our BigCartel storefront.