I am an artist. This is my sketch blog.

Click here to see my good stuff:

To commission or buy artwork, email me at volsungaloop-at-gmail.com



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  1. I host the MNCBA yahoo chat group. I am trying to get the word out and make it easier for all the volunteers and chat group visitors to spread the word, via word of mouth and emails, about who is coming and what to expect. Nick has sent me a list of creators. Please send me a bio that I can repost to the group and tell people who you are.
    As far as bios go, I don’t have any posted yet but I will send you an invite from the group if you want. I want three paragraphs.
    1) Who you are and things you have done – your best / most well known works.
    2) Things you are working on
    3) Ideas and what you are bringing to Fallcon.
    If you want an easy link to you site(s) please include it in your bio so I can do an easy cut and paste.

  2. Tom riggle Says:

    Hi I’m Fionas dad found your website. Did you make it?

  3. lupiloops Says:

    Hi, Tom.
    This site is just one of the wordpress themes that are available for free, so I didn’t code it myself or anything. I’m actually working on redesigning everything now, to make it look more like a portfolio.

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