AZ is drawing lots of cool creatures, and writing her own stories set in Cartozia. Her description of this creature incorporates details from the map and from “The Treasure of Whistlepig Woods” by Jon Lewis (issue 1).


Here’s what she said about Vogslaveh:

“The Vogslaveh is a creature of Cartozia that lives in a cave (always), and whenever he moves into one, he makes sure to find a great sofa. (They love sofas.) And they always have parties…parties…these big Cartozian parties with a bunch of Cartozian food and…um…and they have these captured Dang Beetles that got captured in a big net and are let out at the party to clean everything up. When they don’t have parties, they sometimes sleep, and sometimes go out to gather stories. They mostly go to Thurim’s Gate and the Observatory.”

Vogslaveh sounds a lot like a college student.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign for 10 issues of Cartozia–as of now, we are about 24% funded!

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