The Kickstarter campaign for Cartozia Tales starts tomorrow, which means TODAY is your last chance to take advantage of the lower subscription rates. I just got my copies of issue #1 last week, and THEY LOOK FABULOUS. See?


This is an all-ages fantasy series unlike anything else currently being produced. It is set in a world shared by a group of contributors, each working in a different sector of a shared map. Read about our process here. The map is populated by strange places and many strange creatures invented by the contributors.

Here’s a sketch of some amphibious Cartozian creatures called Phibbits:


The best part? Cartozia encourages your kids to be creative. In issue #1, kids are asked to draw their own creature in a blank panel (this proved to keep AZ busy for at least an hour after she finished reading). A later issue will feature paper dolls designed by Lucy Bellwood!