At night, AZ records the amount of time she spends reading on post-it notes, because we’re supposed to keep track for school. This morning she left out 2 post-its stuck together.

Later, this dialogue happened:

AZ: Momo, would you like a nice, cold beer?
Me: No, it’s 9:30 am.
AZ: What about later? Would you like a beer in the afternoon?
Me: Uh, maybe at night. Why, did you want to give me a beer?
AZ: I already have a beer for you right now!
Me: Oh, so is this another April Fool’s joke?
AZ: No, I really have a beer for you, right here on the table!
Me: Oh, ok.
[ten minutes later, gives me a picture of a Budweiser cut out from a magazine]
AZ: Ok, here’s your nice, cold beer, LOL! April Fool’s!