Here is what AZ told me while walking to school:

“Today I get to touch Fiona’s lunch bag! And her hat! Because they’re dead in the game. They can’t go down the toilet vault. Josh is dead in the game too. Only I get to go down the toilet vault. And Josh says, “No, kitty! Noooo!” Because I’m a kitty in the game, and he doesn’t want the kitty to go down the toilet vault. But when I go down the toilet vault, Josh comes back to life.”

Me: What is the toilet vault? A slide?

“Yeah, the toilet vault is a slide. The tunnel slide. There are some regular slides, and only one tunnel slide, and that’s the toilet vault. That’s why we play the toilet vault game on it, but we can’t play dangerous computer on it. I can show you the toilet vault today, if you’re at school for recess. Will you stay at school and go to recess? [She’s always thinking of reasons for me to go to school with her.] I can show you the toilet vault, and then if you turn right and look ahead, you can see the dangerous computer.

“The dangerous computer is a thing with a scary face and pointy teeth. I thought it was my bed because I was a doggy in that game. Or a kitty. I couldn’t decide. They told me not to touch it, so I touched it, like, a thousand times! And then, basically, we had to run to the first playground, and then back to the second playground, and then to the first playground again! Because basically, if you touch the dangerous computer, the second playground fake blows up! Do you want to see the toilet vault and the dangerous computer?”