Little Tugboat Goes Puff!!
And Other Stories

This is Little Tugboat.

The Little Tugboat got untied from the dock. But a bear cub jumped on the tugboat as it sailed away.

Just then, a giant sea monster came up from under the sea. The tugboat was scared.

The End (Just for now!)

Beary’s great adventure. Here Beary plays woth Nemo, flies a plane, walks a dog, goes fishing, goes swimming, plays on a swing set, eats dinner, reads a book, and goes on a plane again.

Back to Little Tugboat!

Little Tugboat is still being threatened by the sea monster.

There’s a big (abstract) storm!

Then the sea monster tries to eat Little Tugboat, and breaks his teeth on Little Tugboat’s metal hull! Little Tugboat goes, “TOOT!” (instead of “puff”). The sea monster runs away to the dentist.