I was a little surprised when AZ decided to draw a “Lutifisk Sushi” for her L creature, inspired by the cartoon fish on the Lutefisk Sushi mini-comics boxes designed by Kevin Cannon and Danno Klonowski (Cannon designed Volume C; Danno designed Volume D). I guess I shouldn’t be tooooo surprised though, because she always wants to do whatever I do–I contributed to C and helped organize D. Also, she likes Kevin and Danno.

It is becoming something of a tradition to put a cartoon fish on the Lutefisk Sushi boxes. Check out this preview of Zander Cannon‘s art for the next volume, which will come together later this year: http://www.alteredesthetics.com/events/116

Submission guidelines for Volume E haven’t gone out yet, but you can keep up with the buzz by following the Cartoonist Conspiracy blog and by listening to Danno’s Lutefisk Sushi Podcast, which features interviews with cartoonists who contributed to previous volumes (like me!)