Hey, look! Another awesome piece of Hadpanagus fanny art by Isaac Cates! Hadpanagus seems to be pretty popular. Maybe I should start putting him on the cover of all my comics?

EDIT: No sooner than I had posted this, ANOTHER Hadpanagus appeared on the internet: Check out Henry Eudy’s rendition, you all everybutty!

P.S. It’s pronounced with stress on the second syllable: had-PAN-agus. Rhymes with banana bus.

Here’s another thing. I got to participate in the Nordeast Comics Summit game show last week. I was on the green team, and, coincidentally, two thirds of the green team happened to be wearing green. See?

photo by Alex Arbit

The Northeast Comics Summit is one of the awesome badass things about the Twin Cities comics scene, and even if you don’t live here, you can still benefit from its online presence. Check out some of the videos and pro tips on the website! Listen to the game show on the Lutefisk Sushi podcast (one of the other awesome things about the Twin Cities scene)!