Here is my Hadpanagus fan art. If there are any snobby epicurean Hadpanaguses, this is what I imagine they would look like. AZ doesn’t think it looks like a real Hadpanagus.

This Hadpanagus wants to make you believe that he loves butts more than any other Hadpanagus…which is ridiculous because, as we know, all Hadpanaguses really, really love butts.

His superiority complex may be annoying, but your butt is probably safe with this guy. He’s addicted to comfort and would rather watch the butt network than chase you around. Also? Your butt really isn’t good enough for him anyway. So as long as you smile and kiss his butt (he likes to be reassured that he has good taste), he’ll leave your butt alone.

p.s. It was hard to resist scribbling, “See my vest! See my vest! I really like the vest” all over the bottom of the picture. It’s probably a good thing vest and butt don’t rhyme, or I might have written a whole song.