AZ has just discovered The Rolling Stones. She listened to Rewind over and over again last weekend. I don’t know why she started listening to it. The Stones aren’t in our usual music rotation, and Rewind is….not my favorite CD. Maybe, if I’m lucky, she’ll move on to Hot Rocks, which has my 3 favorite Stones songs right in a row. If anyone can guess what those 3 songs are (post your guesses in the comments), I’ll draw a caricature of Mick Jagger and post it here before the end of the month.

Anyway, she started drawing pictures of the songs. On a Thanksgiving notepad. She has no idea what they are about, so it is pretty funny to see them through her eyes. First up, “Heartbreaker” and “It’s Only Rock and Roll.” I like the facial expressions.

Next, “Start Me Up” and “Beast of Burden.”

The little guy on the bike needs someone to give him a push, to start him up. Isn’t that precious?

And I like the 6 legged beast with the angry face, throwing his hands up in the air. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of the way I feel when I hear that annoying song. (Sorry fans, but I always thought it was pretty corny.)

Here are my favorite pictures. “Waiting on a Friend” and “Emotional Rescue”–they’re so awesomely literal. The happy stick figure in “Waiting on a Friend” is literally waiting on top of his pissed-off friend. I wonder what she’d think of “19th Nervous Breakdown”?