If you follow this blog regularly, you probably know that I participated in The Animal Alphabet Project, which is now finished. Look through the archives! It’s neat!

Now there is a new alphabet project starting up: Alphabeasts. Many of the same people will be contributing, and you can too!. Just read the guidelines here and post your stuff to Twitter or G+ on Mondays.

Since I do this as a challenge, to train myself to be more efficient, I have set some constraints for myself. For this round, I will not do any penciling or ink outlines. I’m going to start and finish each picture with watercolors. Viewers be warned: this approach may result in really awful art.

This thing doesn’t officially start until Monday, October 17th, but since I will be out of the country, I’m posting a few days early. I’m going on vacation to Mexico, so I’ve painted some Mexican creatures.

The first one is an Alux. It is a small, mischievous spirit that is sort of the Mayan equivalent of a fairy. They are reported to be seen in the Yucatan, which is exactly where I will be. I’ll let you know if I spot one.

That may not really be beastly enough for Alphabeasts, so I’ve also done a horrid Aztec creature. The Ahuitzotl is an aquatic dog-like creature with the hands and feet of a monkey, and an extra hand on its tail. It uses the tail-hand to drag its victims underwater, where it eats their eyes, teeth, and nails.