The scene at AE last night was nothing short of bizarre. I walked in the door to find my friends buried under sinister-looking boxes. Here they are congregating in every available corner.

We quickly realized that the boxes could be subdued with magical glasses. See how they cower? It’s a pity we couldn’t subdue them before they got to the victim in the upper right corner. You’ll be remembered, whoever you were.

But as soon as I stupidly set my glasses down, an angry box jumped up and punched me in the gut, while the others lined up behind me with their mouths open.

This is the last thing I saw before they ganged up on me and took turns biting my toes.

Danno’s quick thinking save me. “Yessss, masssters should be eating. Masssters need to keep up their strength.” The comics he shoved into their maws seemed to keep them happy.

And luckily, there were hundreds more lying around the gallery.

Everybody sprang into action. Here are Britt, Steve, Bud, and Mike T feeding comics to the greedy little boxes.

Once all the boxes were in food comas, a pair of magic glasses was placed in each one, to keep them from getting riled up again.

Ryan taunts one of the now-helpless boxes.

Now that Ryan has shown them who the pack leaders are, the boxes seem kinda cute and submissive. Bud, Danno, and Britt decide to keep some as pets. I hope they’re housebroken.

But just to be on the safe side, the rest of the boxes have been kenneled.

If you’d like to adopt one, come to the opening on August 6th. For more info check out the official LSD website or the Facebook event page