Well, I’m done collating Bantam. Here is a photo of what my basement looks like right now. You can see what the finished minicomic looks like, and you can also see what the coffee table looks like when we’re not expecting company–those magazines, books, and art supplies are not part of the collating process. They just live there.

I don’t recommend collating 200 copies of a 20 page book while sitting on the floor. After sitting in the same spot for several hours, my back hurt a lot. It was hard to bend over this morning. I don’t normally get back pain from working on the floor, but all these comics took up so much space that I couldn’t really stretch out at all. Would have worked on the table more, but I didn’t feel like evicting all the books, art supplies, remote controls, etc.

Here are some concept sketches. The first one is covered with notes I jotted down while still in brainstorming phase.