So, I’ve been designing a cover for Mark McGinty’s novel The Cigar Maker, which is scheduled for release during Art-A-Whirl. He favors simple, uncluttered cover designs, so that made my job easier as far as layout goes. But a lot of work went into individual design elements. I’m not going to post the whole cover because he’d probably like to unveil that himself, but here are some samples.

There will be a small illustration in the center of the cover, reminiscent of a cigar label. Cockfights figure into the story, so we decided a rooster should be the central figure. After few nights of sketching, I came up with this fellow:

And here he is with a background and border:

The colors look different online, and there are a few things I want to adjust, but that’s more or less what will go on the book.

UPDATE: The cover is online now.