Well, I was going to get a comic ready to post today, but I was too busy making this shirt for Mr. O’Fury to wear to the Art Brut show at Triple Rock. It didn’t come out quite the way I wanted. It was actually difficult to paint because lots of hairy little cotton fibers kept popping up and interfering with paint application.


It’s a picture of guitarist Jasper Future doing a funny dance we saw him do in some YouTube videos. Everyone seemed to like it. We even got Jasper to sign it.


Mr O’Fury and I thought Art Brut were one of the bestest bands we’ve ever seen live, and not only because the small venue allowed everyone to get up close (although that was a plus…we got to chat with everyone, and Eddie Argos was nice enough to chat with us more than once). Everyone in the band was drinking and enjoying themselves. It was obvious they were having a good time so there was enthusiasm in the air. But in spite of the alcohol they were real pros. There was a lot of communication between all the band members–eye contact, body language, etc.–so they were able to act as a unit while keeping things somewhat spontaneous. Great showmanship all around. I will definitely go see them again.