Well, I didn’t take many pictures, and I don’t have any of myself.
I forgot to bring the camera on Saturday; Sunday was kinda dead. There weren’t as many costumes, and attendance seemed to be a lot lower.

Here’s my half of the table. See Big Funny proudly displayed there! I sold several over the weekend, and my comrades sold a bunch too. I think our collective enthusiasm for it was catching.

See issue 1 of False Witness! The empty space next to it is where issue 2 was before I sold my last copy. Oh yeah, I was sold out. But writer Bill Prendergast brought some more in the afternoon.

See my baby lovingly coloring her copy of Steven Stwalley’s Moony Moon, Where Are You!


Here’s a potty chart my little poppet drew Sunday morning. It went on display at the end of the table.


My tablemate Vas lookin’ fierce with Dmitri and Zoya.


Poppet wanted to take a picture of Vas sketcha-hooping. Or hoopa-doodling. Doodla-hooping? Hula-tooning?