This page was inked by Kevin Cannon. He added all the slick cast shadows, and that gorgeous lettering. Thanks!


Kevin is known locally for his spiffy lettering, and other stuff too–like his uncanny ability to turn out 24-hour comics* that are more entertaining and original than most of the stuff in your favorite comic shop (stuff that teams of people spend weeks on). Seriously. I sat next to him while he worked on this hilarious Watchmen parody last year, and he had the whole thing done while I was still stuck on page 10 of my comic.

And then there’s his new graphic novel that began its existence as a series of 24 hour comics. That fact alone would make it worth reading, but the story and characters transcend the novelty of the experiment, and the art is full of energy.

*For those not in the know, a 24 Hour Comic Day is a cartooning marathon where gluttons for punishment try to write, draw, and ink a 24 page comic in 24 hours.
Info on the Minneapolis event here: