Because really, who doesn’t think of the noble Neanderthal when they hear AC/DC?

This one was inked by Dank!
Now I’ll tell you a secret: I hate drawing vehicles. I tend to stick them in the background and simplify them so I can skimp on details. That bus with the square wheels? I drew it in profile, so it was basically just a rectangle with windows and a door. Danno is responsible for making it actually look like a bus! With a top! And a front! Headlights! Passengers (see Fred and Barney in the back)! Thanks for putting so much effort into it, dude!


Danno is responsible for lots of other cool stuff that you should check out, like Manly Tales of Cowardice, and the artwork for Pehnomenal Tangents (written by Steven Stwalley), and some of the art for False Witness.