I love this page. I don’t know how to begin to thank Dan Olson for inking it. He went above and beyond the call of duty by adding lots of details that I, in my haste, neglected to draw.
He drew the guitar strings and frets.
He drew the back pockets and belt on the guy crouching by the amp.
He filled in a lot of the details on the drum kit, as well as the platform it’s on.
And the “Huh?” on the guitarist’s shirt.
All these little things add up to make the image much richer and much more fun to look at.


Visit Dan’s website to see more of his work. He draws and co-writes (with AJ Niehaus) Super Maxi-Pad Girl, which was named Best Indie Surprise by AICN, AND he’s part of the False Witness team, AND he’s working on a new graphic novel, which you can read online.