Last Wednesday I came up with this idea to make this really awesome minicomic birthday card for my husband. I started out just drawing him a funny Led Zeppelin cartoon (I was supposed to do that over a year ago but never got around to it). Then I came up with some other funny ideas. And then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be extra special if I could get some of our friends from the Cartoonist Conspiracy to ink and sign these? I could pass them around at the next jam and see what happens.” Then I thought, “The next jam? Holy balls, that’s tomorrow!”

So I drew all these fast and loose, slapdash to get them ready for the jam. Didn’t even have time to refine the pencils, so I sort of outlined some of them with a Micron 01, so all the scribbles and extra pencil lines and floating un-erased limbs wouldn’t confuse the tits off of people.


The title page was one of the last things I did, and by then my brain was too fried to think of anything other than block letters. I gave it to Ryan Dow to finish off, and he kindly added the little details like the spotlights, musical notes, and little sparkles. Ryan is a talented storyteller, and is probably best known for his graphic novel Weekends With Carl (originally published online, now available in book form). People who appreciate character-driven stories with well-timed doses of humor and drama will enjoy his stuff!