comixishThe City Pages comix issue is out this week, and I have some work in it, and so do my friends. (I worked on the Michele Bachmann one–Bill Prendergast wrote it, and I did the inks.) Grab a copy and tell everyone you know how awesome it is. The theme this year is “Minnesota nice.”

The second issue of False Witness will be out soon. More on that later.

The Big Funny exhibit is still up at Altered Esthetics for another week. Go see it! Besides originals of the strips featured in the paper, you can see actual comic strips from the old days, when newspaper comics were cool. Some of the strips on display at the gallery are over a century old!

If you can’t make it to the gallery, you can still buy a copy of Big Funny online. It’s been getting good reviews so far. It seems many people share the nostalgia we cartoonists feel for older comics, and that has been really gratifying.

I used to read the comics in the newspaper every day when I was little, and the Sunday funnies were the real prize. It was a ritual, digging through my parents’ newspaper and finding the funnies before anyone else could make off with them. Somewhere around age 10 or 11 I started reading them only every other week. Then I’d miss 2 weeks, and feel bad about it. But eventually there came a time when–and this memory stands out for me–I realized I no longer cared if I forgot to read them or not, because they were boring and repetitive. I didn’t know how long they had been that way, or if they’d always been that way and I just never noticed, but it made me sad.