Well, there’s been some nice buzz online since It’s All a Conspiracy!! came out in City Pages on Wednesday. People across the country are loving and/or hating us, and getting fired up for False Witness! Along with images from the City Pages story, the art inked by Danno Klonowski featured on biasedliberalmedia.com AND Ken Avidor’s cover art for the first issue have been showing up on dozens of blogs.


There’s an awesomely titled write-up on Wonkette:
Bachmann Comix Will Feature Sexy Flying Imams, Other Things

Write-up by Eric Kleefeld on Talking Points Memo:
Coming Soon: Michele Bachmann — The Comic Book!

And The Wall Street Journal picked it up from TPM:
Bachmann Comic Debuts!

We’re on Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat:
Female Farce: Michele Bachmann comic

A nice post by Kevin Cannon at Big Time Attic:
Hey Michele, What’s So Funny?

A nice post by Kevin Melrose at Robot 6:
False Witness! is no Female Force, that’s for sure

The Minnesota Independent:
New comic book takes aim at Bachmann, Minnesota media

Delaware Liberal? Someone in Delaware thinks we’re clever:
Michele Bachmann Gets A Comic Book

I love the image on Mock, Paper, Scissors:
Bachmann-the-Nut is in the comics…

Comics Alliance apparently went the extra mile to crop a panel I inked that hasn’t been reposted a dozen times:
“False Witness”: The Michele Bachmann Comic

This list could go on and on…