If you’re wondering why I haven’t been updating very often, here’s why: I’m working on something awesome. A comic called False Witness about Michele Bachmann’s career. You’ve probably seen her in the news. She’s the crazy congresswoman from Minnesota who thinks the media should do “an exposé” on Congresspersons with “Anti-American” views.

Lots of talented Minnesotans are uniting against her. Bill Prendergast, a journalist and contributor to Dump Bachmann, is writing and drawing the comics; Dan Olson, Danno Klownowski and myself are inking them; and Ken Avidor did the cover art for the first issue. And if that’s not cool enough, there will be a preview in City Pages in a week! Inked by me; cover art by Jason Gorski. This is comics journalism at it’s best, so be sure to check it out!