Well, my first showing at 24 hour comic day was nothing short of…pathetic. I was working on some historical fiction…something I researched in college but haven’t really read much about since then. It should have been easy, because even though I was pulling the characters and dialogue out of my ass, I knew where the plot needed to go.

I was right on schedule for the first 6 hours or so. Then I got stuck. I was so concerned with representing the facts fairly that I let myself slow down. I started to average one page every 2 hours.

Then after a while I started feeling really hyper. (sorry, guys. It’s my freaky metabolism.)

And in the morning I was sick. Dizziness, nausea, etc. At first I assumed it was lack of sleep, but it persisted through all of Sunday and Monday, and part of Tuesday. Either there was garlic or cane sugar or something in my dinner, or the triple threat of beer, miso & sushi blitzed by system. Evil grains!

All told, I finished 13 pages during the event. I’m finishing the darn thing now, and I’ll try to post it online tomorrow or Friday.

If I’m not sick.

I plan on being sick a lot for the next week or so. I’m seeing an allergist next week. I don’t know what kind of tests he’ll want to do on me. Since some tests give false negatives if you don’t have any no-no foods in your system, I’ll be punishing myself with bread and sugar and stuff to prepare for my appointment.

This may be the end of Loopy.

Good night and good luck.