I like to use skewed perspective in my drawings. Sometimes traditional perspective systems just feel inadequate. Like the headstone in the zombie poster I drew a while back… At first I drew it in standard 3 point perspective, but the headstone didn’t loom large enough, and it didn’t give the sense of vertigo I wanted, so I skewed it.

Now I’m working on a comic with wonky perspective. Here’s the setting.

I needed a wide angle. First I drew a few versions of it in 2 point perspective, but everything looked out of scale. The counter on the right kept coming out huge, while the fridge and stove were too distant. I wanted to feel like I was in the scene, but instead I felt like I was looking at it through the wrong end of a telescope. I could have done it in 1 point, with a head-on view of the counter, but I didn’t think that would look very dynamic. So I experimented some more, moved some vanishing points around, and yadda yadda I ended up with this curvilinear composition. I still need to do some touch-ups, but at least I’ve finally got that sense of immediacy-with-a-touch-of-vertigo I wanted.