Bruce McCulloch is so cute I just want to put him on my couch and fluff his cheeks and use him as a pillow. I’m not normally a gushy person, but when it comes to Kids in the Hall, I can be SUCH a teenager.

Here is a true story. Once again the guys were totally accessible. They spent a good deal of time milling around outisde by their bus after the show…despite the fact that the temperature had dipped into the 30s again.

Me: I saw you a squillion years ago and thanks for touring again!

Mr O’Fury: Mr McCulloch, everyone knows you’re the best. Will you hug my wife?

Bruce: I was hoping you’d ask.

So he hugged me and kissed my cheek. Then,

Bruce: [to me]You’re cold! [to Mr O’Fury] You should buy her a fur.


Also, once again, Dave Foley had a beer in hand, and we’re pretty sure they had a bar onboard the bus.