Mr. O’Fury and I are going to see Kids in the Hall on Saturday. We both saw them last time they toured, yeeeaaars ago, but in different cities. It was a great show. It was all old material, and you’d think they’d get bored revisiting stuff from the TV show, but they were all hamming it up and having fun with it. When the Mr and I first met we bonded over our stories of seeing them live. Now that I type that out, it sounds a little lame. But my story is good. Really!

After the show I waited outside in the rain with a bunch of strangers (my friend who went with me went straight home after because he didn’t want to get drenched) until someone felt sorry for us and let us in the back door so we could wait in a hallway. We all stood there in a huge line, dripping wet, for probably 45 minutes before the guys (well, all of them except Kevin) came out. Long story short, they were really good sports about being hounded by fans. They shook hands, took pictures, signed autographs for everyone who was waiting. Mark and Scott liked my sweater. Bruce signed a pocket protector for me. Dave was drunk and he kinda breezed by but I was all “Dude, come here!” and he was all “Oh, hi lol!” I have Polaroids in a box somewhere. He was holding a beer bottle and it looked like we were at a damn frat party and I got thrown in the pool.

The upcoming show is going to have lots of NEW SHIT! We’re pretty stoked.

P.S. Here are some dirty doodles. Probably NSFW. I stole it from Orhan’s blog. It was just too funny to not repost.