I volunteered at the Elliot Park Archaeology Project a few days this past week, and took the kiddo so she could see what was going on. She was pretty stoked. I got her a muffin at e.p. atelier next to the site, and she sat on the curb scraping at the dirt with her heel–“Dig hole, mama!”–while she ate. She kept picking up sticks and poking at the ground. When I let her check out a couple of the excavation units, she found a little broom and used it to sweep the sifted dirt that was piled under the screens.

She thought she was helping.

She liked the archaeology…
but she loved the atelier. When it was time to go, she dragged me back to the coffee shop so she could play “little men” (chess). A guy who was there with his dog sat by us. She said “wanna be shy” at first, but when he had the dog do tricks for her, she was literally shrieking with laughter. That was Wednesday…she’s still thinking about it now. Friday morning, the first thing she said to me when I went to get her out of bed was, “See doggy?” I thought she was talking about one of her toys. “Where is your doggy?” I said. She said, “Go see doggy at coffee shop?” So I took her there again yesterday.